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Rotor Blade Repairs

Because we believe that pictures can be even more powerful than words, we’ve provided a limited photo gallery showing what is found during¬†inspection operations. The photos shown below were taken at our facility and around the world. They show the types of blade damage that can occur during flight operations as well as shipping.

To view examples of different kinds of rotor blade problems, click on one of the categories below.

IAC Ltd. provides a wide range of repairs to Main and Tail Rotor blades. If the blade can be repaired at all, we can fix it. We specialize in repairs that put a damaged blade safely back in the air. A representative list of our repairs includes the following:

  • Leading edge abrasion strip replacement
  • Composite and metal skin repairs
  • Doubler repairs
  • Full chord skin repairs
  • Body core repairs
  • Tip cap replacement / repair
  • Trailing edge repairs
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Replacement of damaged parts
  • Refinishing and static balancing

Non-Standard Repairs

Typically, the majority of repairs to rotor blades are done within the limits described in the blade repair manuals. However, it is impossible to anticipate all the possible types of damage that can happen to each blade. If damage to a blade falls outside standard limits but the blade can be repaired safely and the customer approves the repair, the newly engineered repair is done under FAA DER approval and a Form 8110 is issued for the repair.

Other Specialty Services

If your need is for a composite materials service not associated with rotor blades, IAC may be able to fill the bill. We offer specialty bonding and composite processing services.

Rotor Blade Repairs Request Form

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